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Come join us on Sunday morning as Pastor Ted Kostich leads our congregation to make a lifetime commitment to Christ our Lord. Can't make it to our Sunday service? Watch Pastor Ted's message by visiting our Connect page or going directly to the CBC Vimeo page.  We look forward to seeing you!


Cornerstone Weekday Preschool offers an educational, faith-based preschool program for children ages 1 to 5. We firmly believe in educating the “whole child” – in other words, our preschool seeks to challenge children to grow cognitively, emotionally, physically and spiritually.  Daily lesson plans include a balance of structured and creative activities, group times and free play as well as indoor and outdoor experiences. 

Visit the Cornerstone Weekday Preschool website at www.cornerstoneprek.org.

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January   -   1 Chronicles 16:11

Jan 10 Gen 25-26; Mat 9:1-17

Jan 11 Gen 27-28; Mat 9:18-38

Jan 12 Gen 29-30; Mat 10:1-23

Jan 13 Gen 31-32; Mat 10:24-42

Jan 14 Gen 33-35; Mat 11

Jan 15 Gen 36-37; Mat 12:1-21

Jan 16 Gen 38-40; Mat 12:22-50

Jan 17 Gen 41; Mat 13:1-32

Jan 18 Gen 42-43; Mat 13:33-58

Jan 19 Gen 44-45; Mat 14:1-21

Jan 20 Gen 46-48; Mat 14:22-36

Jan 21 Gen 49-50; Mat 15:1-20

Join us as we commit to read the Bible as a church throughout the entire year.  The key to being successful is to select a time and a place where there are no distractions.  If you miss a day, pick back up the next day.  When you have some extra time, make up that day that you missed. If you can't make up the days that you missed, don't worry about it!!  God has what you need in the next Scripture that you will read!  Remember it is not checking off that task on our spiritual to-do list, it is spending time with our heavenly Father!!